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  • John Soloninka

MD/Entrepreneurs - They Live Among US!

I was attending the Medtech Conference in Philadelphia in 2018 and heard Dr. Arlen Meyers ask some really good questions in a forum. He said he was the founder of "the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs", a group I had no idea even existed. After a quick check, I found out that no Toronto Chapter existed, and I and Dr. Kenneth Pritzker, an expert Pathologist, founder of several diagnostics companies, and a colleague, founded the Toronto Chapter.

The Greater Toronto Area has outstanding healthcare delivery and world class medical research, but we don't have as strong a tradition of MD entrepreneurship as exists in Boston, New York, San Fransisco or Minneapolis. And that's about to change!

Our inaugural meeting at JLABS June 6th 2019 in Toronto was a fantastic success, with over 60 MD/Entrepreneur attendees and 8 speakers who had raised over $300M among them! The energy was great, and them momentum is great for the next, planned for November 2018.

Check out the SoPE Toronto September 2019 update for speakers, attendee survey results, and the November meeting of SoPE Toronto!

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