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Accelerant Health Innovations

Expert Consultants ~ Interim Executives ~ Technical Specialists

Conceive, Design, Finance, Commercialize, Adopt and Realize Benefits

from Innovative Medical Technologies.


What We Do For You

Consultants and Strategic Partners

THE Accelerant Team

John Soloninka PEng MBA

Accelerant Founder and President

Executive consultant and leader with a successful track record of company formation, innovation, commercialization, strategy consulting, business development and sales. Financed 40+ early-stage medical technology companies, four-time healthcare technology entrepreneur, and raised venture and angel funds in Canada, the US and Europe. Led high impact health system transformation projects, consulted extensively to government and private sector clients (pharma, medtech, health IT, providers), and created and led large medical research coalitions, in oncology, neuroscience and clinical trials. He understands the divergent needs of academic research, government and public institutions, startups, mid-sized private and public companies, up to $100B globally-integrated companies with large R&D and patent portfolios. Experienced in driving clinical or technology
research/product development and launch, and managing complex long-close sales and
strategic initiatives.

Accelerant Associates and Strategic Partners

Accelerant can access a deep body of technical expertise and strategy-through-implementation consultants.

Accelerant is privileged to have as strategic partners and associates, a stable of firms and individuals with global experience and deep capabilities.   They cover the spectrum of strategic consulting, medtech conceptualization, design for manufacture, regulatory, market access, commercialization and investment banking/venture capital services.   This allows Accelerant clients to expand the scope of services, from global mandates, to local expertise, from start-ups to multi-national companies, Accelerant can configure teams that meet your needs.  

Medtech, Diagnostics, Health IT, Mobile Health

Accelerant ensures you are building the right product, for the right market...with a value proposition providers, payers and patients are willing to pay for.  

  • Problem Validation

  • Value Proposition Confirmation

  • Prepare for and Pursue Financing 

  • Market Access Strategy

  • Identify Strategic Partnerships/Distributors

  • Product Adoption Strategy

  • Go-to-market 


We help you create and communicate compelling cases to financiers, regulators, providers and customers.   We map out technical, clinical, evidentiary, and commercialization pathways, value points and winning strategies.   We help you bring your technology to commercial reality in domestic and strategic global markets.

Academic Research and Innovation Intermediaries

Optimizing your return on research and innovation portfolio investments.

  • IP/Company Portfolio Assessment

  • Innovation/Commercialization Process Review/Optimization

  • Commercialization Bootcamp for Academics/Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Strategic Partner Identification/Engagement

  • Innovation Procurement/Adoption Program Design

  • Interim Executive Support for Fledgling Start-Ups


Often the products of research do not achieve their anticipated impact, because the skills to do great research are NOT the skills and knowledge required for commercialization.   Accelerant understands  the pathway from research, to technology transfer, through to commercialization.  Accelerant can help guide inventors and investigators on how to do research that maximizes commercial value, without compromising academic quality or integrity.     

Health Care Providers

In our funding-constrained environments, align the interests of you and procurement bringing innovations into practice that generate the best patient outcomes and health system value.

  • Innovation/Commercialization Opportunity Assessments

  • Identify Innovative Revenue Streams​

  • Innovation Procurement/Adoption Program Design

  • Technology Benefits Realization

  • Value-Based Healthcare Procurement

  • Effective Industry/Academia/Clinical collaborations

  • Pursuit of Non-Dilutive and Industry Funding.

Procurement systems optimized for efficiency can inadvertently filter out innovation.    But there are ways of procuring innovation directly, and justifying it on the real value you know it can deliver.   We "speak" outcomes, financing, business case and procurement. Let us help you realize your goals.

Health Systems,PAYERS, Government

Triple Bottom Line: Improved population health, lower health system costs, and an enhanced MedTech sector.

  • Value-Based Healthcare

  • Innovation Procurement Program Design

  • Health System/Academia/Industry Collaborations

  • Innovation Sector Cluster and SWOT Analysis

  • Commercialization Opportunity Analysis

Accelerant has decades of experience in the design, development and implementation of multi-stakeholder coalitions that achieve the "triple bottom line". There is a powerful body of knowledge about what works and what doesn't in terms of aligning incentives, creating shared value, and realizing benefits.   The new era of Value-Based Healthcare financing is upon us, and offers new and exiting opportunities.  Let Accelerant help you understand your opportunities and engineer success.

Associate and Strategic Partners

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